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Tired of Fraudsters? Tired of Chargebacks?

Take advantage of fraudrecord's massive db of bad clients to help you FraudRecord

This Anti Fraud Module is tied deeply into blesta/WHMCS as a native anti fraud module like maxmind is.

Plus it takes advantage of's api( to also stop vpn/tor/proxy/bad ip's right in there tracks before they even have a chance of charging back!

Checkout FraudRecord which is the base of this module FraudRecord is basically a blacklist like spamhaus for bad clients who chargebacked against you, did public threats, etc(many more reasons that won't be listed here) but it is very helpful since it is basically hosting providers helping each other with valuable information on spammers,etc that you can see if there listed or not and know whether to automatically deny them or not so you do not have the headache and trouble like the provider that reported the person did. Our sales "pitch" that explains it best is here: Sales "Pitch" Writeup