Validator System Plugin by CubeData

Validator System Plugin By CubeData Pricing

Allow Others to Validate People are using your Genuine Software that use the Blesta License Manager...

Your Licenses

Want to Prevent Pirates?

  • Allow Others to Know who is using your software unlawfully.

See Below for Pricing Options including free trial licenses

Keep the Honest, Honest.

Make sure your Honest Customers know there is accountability for using your software outside of your license terms.



  • 15 days free trial
  • Allow the public to validate others are using genuine licenses for products you sell!
  • Blesta only

Non Owned Leased Monthly

$ 7.00

  • Latest Updates
  • Powered by "CubeData Validator Portal Plugin System for Blesta"
  • Blesta only


$ 100.00

  • 1yrs support of updates($25/year support/upgrades afterwards)
  • Blesta only