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Are you tired of nuisance customers or customers who abuse servers? FraudRecord is the way forward to combat un-wanted customers. FraudRecord is a community of most webhosts who report customers who do chargebacks, are hostile or scammers.

  • Automatically block proxies / vpn's.
  • Block high risk customers.
  • Monthly or Owned lienses
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Starting up a webhosting business and want to start selling virtual private servers at an affordable price? Or maybe you just want to host your own websites on a free control panel. OpenNebula is for you. An affordable control panel with most of the basic features.

  • Provision and manage your vps servers.
  • Lightweight and easy to install & manage.
  • Supports Xen, KVM, VMware & vCenter hypervisors.
  • Monthly or Owned licenses.
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