Reseller System by CubeData

ResellerSystem By CubeData Pricing

Turn Blesta into a Reseller Platform for yourself and Allow others to resell your Licenses...

Your Licenses

Want to Resell the Licenses you Sell on your Blesta Installation?

  • Have your own Resellers
  • Resell your own Licenses
  • Enjoy Revenue from having your own Reseller Program For your Licenses

See Below for Pricing Options including free trial licenses

Have your own Reseller Program

Allow your customers & employees to resell your licenses from their own Blesta

  • Automatic Cron Check runs on a regular interval to auto suspend Resellers who have past due invoices so you don't have to
  • Permissions (Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate a Reseller Access to the System/)
  • Customers & Employees can manage/change their allowed IPs to connect to the Reseller API.
  • System Access is restricted both by API Key & IP Address(es) of the Web server running Blesta

Allow Access to Resell Packages in different Package Groups!

Do you have packages you have in a different package group hidden to the general public? If so you can make Package Groups Accessible to Resellers but not visible to the public

  • Separate Packages from the public by allowing Packages from a Hidden Package Group For Resellers Only
  • Enjoy Revenue from Resellers
  • Don't worry about the public seeing the packages while still allowing resellers to resell the packages.



  • 15 days free trial
  • Allow reselling of licenses for products you sell!
  • Blesta only

Monthly Branded

$ 7.00

  • Latest Updates
  • Powered by "CubeData Reseller System for Blesta"
  • Blesta only

Owned Branded

$ 100.00

  • 1yrs support of updates($25/year support/upgrades afterwards)
  • Powered by "CubeData Reseller System For Blesta"
  • Blesta only

Owned Unbranded

$ 190.00

  • 1yrs support of updates($25/year support/upgrades afterwards)
  • Host on your own server
  • No branding
  • Blesta only